Sunday, February 6, 2011

To Do List

It's really a shame when an escape day like Disney Day is interrupted by text messages and voicemails and more text messages from colleagues. Without going into all the reasons why I am feeling overwhelmed with work, here is my to-do list.

Grades Are Due Feb 21--

  • 7th grade narrative rough drafts (about 75 of them)
  • 6th grade book reports (25)
  • 6th grade narrative final drafts (25)
  • 7th grade book reports (75)
  • 8th grade persuasive final drafts (12)
  • late work
  • overflowing basket of class work
In addition 
  • fund-raise for Europe trip
  • prepare myself for Europe trip (this is a whole other to-do list)
  • plan for STAR writing prep (which I don't teach) 
  • plan for Portfolio Prep (which I do) (also, this involves finding appropriate video clips) (also, it's likely this weeks lesson will be observed by the special tour)
  • clean my classroom and make it presentable for special tour on Thursday
  • make sub plans for Monday
  • put in sub job for Monday
  • plan out 8th grade essay 
  • review benchmark exams before Wed
  • figure out who is going to 6th grade camp
  • buy 2 copies of Eagle Strike and 5 copies of The Devil and his Boy or whatever it was
  • upload yearbook photos
  • plan 8th grade Parent Exhibition Meeting
I'm sure there's more. But I have to go read papers, now.

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