Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mission Statement

So, clearly, I've decided to start a blog. Why? You may ask. Well, here's the thing. Besides the fact that I am clearly cutting edge enough to be doing something cutting edge from 10 years ago, as a teacher, I spend a lot of time thinking about education. I spend a lot of time grading, planning, reading, professionally developing, idea bouncing, politics-navigating, and generally embodying my career. It is a "more than full time" job. Yet, here we are, in the midst of a not-so-nice social debate--no, attack--on education. And the teachers' voices are rarely heard. For that matter, the students' voices are rarely heard. So, I want to put my voice out there, into the void, for anyone interested in what it's REALLY like for at least one middle school teacher in America.

What this blog is:
This blog is a peek inside my life and my brain. Sometimes, I will be talking about the actual work I do, the experiences my students and I have (no worries, I'll change names to protect the innocent) and the amount of actual energy and time it takes to do this job. Other times, I'll be discoursing on politics, reform, an article about education, a conversation I've had with my teacher friends and non-teacher friends, etc. It is MY experience, and MY opinion, but both are valid additions to this debate.

What this blog is NOT:
Obviously, I do not claim to represent the opinions or experiences of anyone but myself. I would LOVE to have readers who both agree and disagree with me comment and discuss in a respectful manner, and questions are always welcome, but I will not bash anyone here and disapprove of bashing in general. I expect adults to be able to follow the same rules to which I hold my 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. So let's keep it respectful, mmmmkay?